about us

Form School is a joint venture between Gordon and Aoife D’Arcy. Irish international rugby player Gordon D’Arcy and top fashion model and artist Aoife Cogan have combined their expertise in their respective fields to offer an innovative Reformer Pilates studio that offers a range of workout options set in a stylishly bohemian, welcoming and artistic space based in the city centre.

Aoife Cogan/D’Arcy

AoifeAoife Cogan/D’Arcy has been one of Ireland’s most established and successful fashion models for nearly 14 years. She is also an accomplished artist whose pieces have been exhibited in the National Gallery. Her interests include art, fashion, interiors, travel, music, exercise and vintage style.

Aoife’s modeling career began while still in school. She combined modeling with studying while in Art School and went on to become Miss Ireland in 2005 competing in Miss World in China. She has walked the ramp and shot campaigns for every major brand and designer in Ireland. She has also modeled internationally and has worked with some of the fashion worlds’ biggest supermodels

Aoife’s broad range of interests includes travelling extensively and both she and Gordon have travelled the world, through both their respective careers and together. She says that this has heavily influenced her style, shaping and influencing her whole outlook on life. Travel has also influenced her art extensively

Modeling can often be a short lived career but Aoife attributes her successful, long standing modeling career to the importance of exercise and healthy lifestyle and diet to sustain a healthy lean body. She also stresses the importance of the positive effect exercise has on her mind. Aoife believes that “feeling good equals looking good, positivity is very important. As a model you are faced with a lot of rejection and negative commentary on your appearance. This can be challenging but when your body is strong and resilient, your mind also becomes strong and resilient and you can achieve more.”

Aoife’s goal with Form School is to promote and share all her expertise in maintaining a healthy toned physique, gained through 14 years of modeling experience. This will be done in an artistic, beautiful work out space that reflects both her and Gordon’s bohemian outlook. Her artwork will hang on the walls of the beautifully appointed Form School and she wants the welcome for all their clients to be warm and inviting.

Our Teachers

Pamela Hogan

Pamela’s journey with movement started from a young age with Gymnastics where she competed nationally and loved the flexility, strength and grace it brought to her body. She continued to be involved in various sports and fitness over the years.

Pamela then turned to Pilates following the birth of her three daughters to help her regain her pre-pregnancy shape. In Pilates, Pamela once again found movement that combined both flexibility, stretch and strength and found amazing results. Herein a new passion was ignited which in turn resulted in a change of career.

Leaving behind a successful career as a buyer, Pamela embarked on a Mentorship training programme in Pilates and qualified as a fully certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructor. She is trained to teach Mat & Reformer Pilates in levels 1,2 &3 and also Trap Table, Pilates Chair and Pilates Barrels. Pamela has also trained in Pre & Post Natal Pilates.

Pamela believes in continually learning and improving her knowledge of anatomy and is currently studying Holistic and Sports Massage Level 3 in H.C.D. Pilates has been more of a life change than a career change for Pamela as she loves the challenge of helping people move better and bringing a step-change improvement to clients physical health and appearance.

One of her favourite Joe Pilates quotes sums it up for her:
‘The art of contrology proves that the only real guide to your true age lies not in years or how you think you feel but as you actually are as infallibly indicated by the degree of natural form and flexibility enjoyed by your spine throughout life.’…J.Pilates

Carolyn MacLachlan

Carolyn has always had a keen interest in physical exercise, beginning martial arts from a young age in the form of Taekwondo, where she first learned about just how important it is to control movement in the body.

The love she developed for strength, flexibility, and dynamic movement carried on through her school years, where she discovered Pilates through her aunt Sarah MacLachlann (2nd Generation Pilates Master). This connection allowed her to immerse herself fully in an educational Pilates environment from the age of 15. Straight after finishing school she began an intensive Pilates Mentorship programme, and by age 19 she had completed the Balance Body repertoire, holding qualifications in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac and Chair.

Another passion of Carolyn’s is drumming, which she believes has greatly benefitted her style of teaching. “The pace, rhythm and flow I feel in music is exactly how I want my clients to feel after a class – fluid, energised and strong!”

Shirley Marinho

Shirley has dedicated her career to the Pilates Method for 8 years. She graduated in Physical Education and Sports and is expert in Psychology. She is qualified to teach mat classes and the full Pilates Repertoire (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel).

Shirley has experience in clinical Pilates ( fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, herniated disc, stenosis, chondromalacia, labyrinthitis, high pressure, stroke, kyphosis, scoliosis with congenital rotation, lordosis , stenosis, bursitis (shoulder’s and hips) shin splints, foot pain, muscles pain, stiffness and osteoporosis.

Gigi Tynan

From an early age Gigi has always had a flare for dance and fitness which has led to her strong passion for healthy living. For many years she trained as a dancer, where Pilates was taught as part of her curriculum, and her interest was sparked. It wasn’t until Gigi moved to Australia that her passion for Pilates led her to become a certified Pilates Instructor. And she is now furthering her knowledge by training with Polestar Pilates UK.

Gigi loves to inspire others to find the same motivation and enthusiasm for Pilates. Her classes create a balanced, well ­rounded workout that increases energy, improves posture and encourages a healthier lifestyle. “I believe that it’s not enough to go through the motions, focus and discipline helps to achieve the best results. In her spare time Gigi loves making and eating good food with family and friends and is a strong believer that eating well really fuels your mind and body. She has a social media blog @YUMible with healthy recipes, fitness tips and reviews on healthy places to eat out in Dublin and abroad.

Katie Holmes

Katie is a Polestar Pilates Studio qualified teacher whose classes engage the mind, body and spirit in intelligent, playful and challenging movement whether on the Mat, Reformer, Trapeze or Barrel and Arcs.

Pilates supported Katie’s recovery from a broken back, rib cage and punctured lung, cementing Katie’s belief in the almost 100 year old system.

Katie works between Dublin and Wicklow where she continues to empower others to rehabilitate their own bodies, improve their performance in sport and fitness, or simply to build strength from the inside out for all of life’s activities.

Jess Gormley

Jess is a dedicated and enthusiastic Pilates and Barre instructor. She is passionate about living an active and healthy lifestyle and credits her time spent living in New Zealand for this. It was here she fell in love with Pilates and she began practicing almost every day. Having spent most of her career behind a desk in varying industries, from Pensions to Aeronautical Information Management, she found the benefits of Pilates immeasurable. On her return to Ireland, she decided she wanted to pass that love and enthusiasm of Pilates onto others, so she started on the road to becoming a certified Pilates and Barre Instructor and has never looked back.

She is qualified in pre/post-natal Pilates, Pilates for children, Pilates for the aging population and has most recently completed her Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training with Polestar Pilates. Jess is also a certified Pink Ribbon Pilates Specialist, a Recovery Program designed to facilitate recovery from breast cancer surgery.

Through her classes, Jess aims to combine the mental and physical benefits of Pilates to leave you feeling strong in mind and body, as well as correcting movement dysfunctions for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Jess is always seeking to advance her knowledge of movement and promises to keep her classes dynamic and fun.

Damian Poder

Sadly Damian lost his battle with cancer in 2017. Damian was the first teacher we hired when we began our Form School journey and his contribution will never be forgotten. A gentleman to his fingertips, and an absolute professional, his drive, spirit and energy built the foundations of this school and for this we are eternally grateful. Damian, “Never Better, Never Beaten”.