Form School… In Strength We Trust

“We want Form School to be an artistically pleasing work out space that will help our clients de clutter their mind and refocus their mind. We want to take that daunting feeling out of exercise and create a bohemian approach to a cleaner, more conditioned body.”

Gordon and Aoife D’Arcy

Form School is a joint venture between Gordon and Aoife D’Arcy. Irish international rugby player Gordon D’Arcy and top fashion model and artist Aoife Cogan have combined their expertise in their respective fields to offer an innovative Reformer Pilates studio that offers a range of workout options set in a stylishly bohemian, welcoming and artistic space based in the city centre.

This husband and wife entrepreneurial couple have both maintained highly successful, long careers in the fields of sport and modeling by ensuring their health and fitness levels are consistently high and by adhering to a healthy lifestyle. They have also a common interest in art, travel and music. As such, they have decided to introduce the innovation of bringing style and beautiful surroundings to your work out area. Their goal with Form School is to offer the highest level of body conditioning workouts in a candle lit, calm, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing setting.

Form School is a Reformer Pilates studio also offering Ballet Barre and Yoga classes. The D’Arcys want to create a beautiful looking work out space that gets people away from life’s everyday grind, and to encourage people to make positive changes to their health and fitness. Form School will offer Reformer Pilates group classes in small numbers to ensure more individual attention for their clients. Aoife and Gordon have worked closely with their instructors over many years to achieve what they as individuals have needed in their respective rugby and modeling careers. They have experienced first hand the outstanding results Reformer Pilates and yoga can achieve. Form School will offer the opportunity to its male clients of obtaining some of Gordon’s training methods and experience obtained from his long rugby career, and female clients can work towards the same goals that Aoife wished to achieve from her work out for her modeling career, namely trimming and tightening the abdominals, overall toning and muscle elongation.

In addition to the Reformer Pilates, yoga and Ballet Barre classes, Form School will be hosting workshops from experts in the field of sport and fashion, which will enhance and compliment your work out.

“We want to take that daunting feeling out of exercise and create a bohemian approach to a cleaner, more conditioned body. Form School will be a place to escape to for an hour, away from kids, work, hectic schedules and routines.”

Gordon and Aoife D’Arcy